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"Saint Anthony’s Fire begins with a wash of percussion – three drumsets plus brake drum all recorded in studio by Austin Birdy – which leads into Rayz’s amplified and distorted cello. Corpus Vice contains music that can and should be performed live, but also deliberately uses the recording studio as an instrument; three drumsets playing in phase, two flutes double tracked, and so on create a sense that this is a musical world the listener has stumbled into, not just a representation of something happening in a concert hall."

- I Care If You Listen

Kicking off the album with the track, Saint Anthony’s Fire. Eden Rayz sets up the unique and experimental sound this record exudes in thrilling style. It’s a magnificent opening track where words can’t quite do it justice. Noise, nonsense, insanity, the work of a genius… whatever word you can think of to describe it, you won’t be able to accurately portray its brilliance.

- Games, Brains & A Head-Banging Life

Austin Birdy drums after tracking Eden Rayz Saint Anthony's Fire at Zippah Boston MA
Austin Birdy tracking drums at Zippah Studios in Boston MA. Photo by Anna Young

Eden Rayz debut solo album is that, a genreless expression of uncompromising emotion that swells and enthralls whilst simultaneously able to rage and cofound.

- The Coroners Report

“An onstage if unseen percussionist, Austin Birdy, ramps up the pugilistic sequences, while guitarist Max Kennedy provides more lyrical underlay. And the deeply embedded kids’ songs provide the reminiscing prods as well as, in the end, the emotional payoff.”

- WBUR Boston's NPR News Station  

“The music direction, arrangements and incidental music are all by Michael McElroy, with the music skillfully performed by guitarist Max Kennedy and percussionist Austin Birdy.”

- On Boston Stages  

Broadway World Review: Man in the Ring Goes the Distance 

Vanyaland South by Southwest Showcase

"To know this band is to see them live, and to experience Alessandro Maione’s honest and visceral performance tackling both emotions and instrumental equipment, supported by a band (Peter Landry, Austin Birdy, Bill Cunningham) that performs with equally as much skill and gusto."

- Boston Hassle

Austin Birdy Drums Live at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA
Geoff Wilbur Aüva Review
"Indie pop sextet Aüva blends elements of dream pop, surf, and psych-rock with driving rhythms, jangly guitars, and vibrant harmonies."
                                          - do617 Austin, TX
Austin Birdy Drumset at Zippah Studios in Boston MA - tracking for Big Fuzzy LP
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