Austin Birdy photo by Evan Xiner Hong




    - Light Years EP (percusion)


    - Self-titled debut LP 2016 (percussion)


    - Better music video 

    - Side-effects Ep January 2017  (percussion)

      Produced by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios

      Mastered By Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering  


    - All Good Things LP  2017 through Lunar Ruins Records (percussion)

Eden Rayz

   - Corpus Vice - 2019

             > Corpus Vice  (drum set, woodblocks, prepared marimba, prepared vibraphone, prepared timpani, prepared piano)

             Saint Anthony's Fire  (three drum sets, percussion)

Big Fuzzy
   - Self Titled LP -  2020 (drum set)
   - upcoming release

Kira McSpice

    - Prodrome - 2019 (marimba)

           > Decender 

           > Unchain

           > Diagnosis 

Austin Birdy performing with Aüva @ Berklee's Cafe 939

Gamma Pope


     - Dog People single  (drum set)


     -  Braindead Media Split (ECW,BLEW,Big Boy Club)      

     - Triptych EP (drum set)

       (Tape run by Braindead Media, Spotify)


     - Boston Hassle Tape Comp single 


     - The Fall debut LP  to come in 2017

              unreleased - r.i.p.


Cyber Bully Spaceship


    - Hassle Family Comp single, through Boston Hassle


    - ABDUCTION EP ( prd. by Shane Blank) (drum set)


    - LIVE FROM THE NOGGIN' (prd. by Artifact Audio) (drum set)


     - Bao Bei -  2019 (aux percussion)

           Artifact Audio