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Austin Birdy photo by Evan Xiner Hong




  • Light Years EP (percusion)

  • Self-titled debut LP 2016 (percussion)

  • Better music video

  • Side-effects Ep January 2017  (percussion)

             - Produced by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios

             - Mastered By Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering  

  • All Good Things LP 2017 (percussion)

             - Lunar Ruins Records 

Eden Rayz

  • Corpus Vice 2022

             - Corpus Vice (drum set, woodblocks, prepared marimba, prepared vibraphone, prepared timpani, prepared piano)

             - Saint Anthony's Fire (three drum sets, percussion)

             - Engineered by Miranda Serra at Zippah Studios Boston, MA

             - Mastered by James Plotkin (Sunn O))), Murzbow, Electric Wizard, Windhand)

Big Fuzzy

  • Big Fuzzy Self Titled LP (Drums)

             - Released by Dollhouse Lightning

             - Mastered by Jeff Lipton, Peerless Mastering

             - Engineered by Miranda Serra @Zippah Studio Boston, MA 

Kira McSpice

  • Prodrome 2019 (marimba)

             - Decender 
             - Unchain
             - Diagnosis 

             - engineered by T. Skoglund

             - mastered by Joseph Saliba

Gamma Pope

  • Dog People single  (drum set)

  • Braindead Media Split (ECW,BLEW,Big Boy Club) 

  • Triptych EP (drum set)

             - Tape run by Braindead Media

  • Boston Hassle Tape Comp single 

  • The Fall debut LP  to come in 2017

             - unreleased. r.i.p.


Cyber Bully Spaceship


  • Hassle Family Comp single (drums)

             - Boston Hassle release

  • ABDUCTION EP (drums)

             - produced by Shane Blank

             - engineered by William Cunningham


             - produced by Artifact Audio


  • Bao Bei -  2019 (aux percussion)

             - Artifact Audio

             - R.I.P

Austin Birdy Drumset at Gamma Pope The Fall tracking session at 1867 Studios
Austin Birdy tracking drums at Berklee College of Music studio
Austin Birdy Drum kit for Big Fuzzy self-titled LP session at Zippah in Boston
Austin Birdy Percussion setup for Eden Rayz Corpus Vice at Boston Conservatory
Austin Birdy Percussion set up for Aüva LP All Good Things at Berklee Studios
Austin Birdy percussion setup for tracking segments on Man In The Ring at Huntington Theatre Company
Austin Birdy's drum setup for Gamma Pope tracking
Austin Birdy marimba tracking on Kira McSpice record Prodrome
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